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  • Tosa Cup Semi Finals Replay Pack

    The Semi Finals Replay Pack has been released and is available here. Both matches are included.

    Due to a stalemate situation that occurred in the Indigo/Luvmo match, an attacker/defender rule had to be imposed to resolve the match. To keep the tournament fair, attacker/defender rules were also then implemented for the Swoosh/Sabre match and will be imposed in the Final as well. The modified rule as implemented for Swoosh/Sabre and as will be implemented in the Final is:

    One player attacks and the other defends in battle 1. The players then swap roles for battle 2. Battle 3 has no attacker/defender, but players are not permitted to sit still for more than 5 minutes. Minor/superficial unit movements are not sufficient to qualify as not sitting still.

    The CWC rule on Drops (as detailed here) will also be imposed in the Final. This rule was imposed on a couple matches earlier in the tournament when dropping became an issue, and we are simply announcing it again to make it clear how such a situation will be handled if it is encountered.
    All replays were made with Patch 2.

    Video commentaries of some of these matches can be found in the Org Media Library. Many thanks to AzureCuzYeah and jackie_fish for creating the commentaries. You can see more of their superb TWS2 commentaries at AzureTotalWar and jackie_fish's YouTube channel.
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