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  • Score the Ikko-Ikki DLC for free!

    Eyeing the new Shogun 2 DLC but haven't had the ability to buy it? Well you're in luck.

    User jackie_fish, who is a frequent uploader of replays and commentary at the Org, has scored two DLC codes and he's decided he wants to give them away on his youtube channel. The problem? He doesn't want to decide how they get handed out, he wants input from you!

    So if you're interested in the chance to win the really fun Ikko-Ikki DLC, head over to his youtube channel which we'll link below. Tell him how you'd like to see the codes handed out.

    We'd like to wish everyone good luck in whatever contest or randomized method he picks to choose the winners, and hey, while you're there why not check out his videos.

    Jackie_Fish's youtube channel can be found here:


    The Announcement video can be seen here:

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