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  • Getting the Ikko-Ikki DLC for free, Follow Up.

    I wrote a brief article here on this site telling you about jackie_fish and his plan to give away two different Ikko-Ikki DLC codes, the problem was he couldn't decide how. He turned the question to the community, and it didn't disappoint. He's come up with two different ways to win the codes, both detailed here in the following video:

    One code will be given out via each method. In order to win, you can either:

    1. Be one of his subscribers, who will be picked at random to win.


    2. Write a comment on the video I just linked, answering the following question. "You know you play too much shogun 2, when..." obviously, the better your answer the better chance you have to win!

    Good luck to everyone who decides to give this a go. A big thumbs up to jackie_fish, giving back to the community in such an awesome way, and a huge nod to CA for making this happen in the first place.
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