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    Hello and good day to you, dear .Org members,

    For those of you struggling with their TW:S2 Date, Chosokabe, Oda, Tokugawa or Shimazu campaigns, we are happy to announce that some faction specific guides, hints and tips have been posted in our TW:S2 Single Player Guides section:

    - for the Oda, take a look HERE and HERE
    - for the Shimazu, take a look HERE
    - for the Date, take a look HERE
    - for the Chosokabe, take a look HERE
    - for the Tokugawa, take a look HERE

    Also, if you're looking for good advice on how to play the game on the dreaded Legendary difficulty, you can always look at THIS THREAD which makes for an interesting read.

    And of course, if you have an incredible hint, tip or even a written out guide, feel free to post it in our TW:S2 Single Player Guides section and share your knowledge to help out your fellow Orgah!

    Last but not least, the much expected, but unfortunately, due to computer woes, delayed frogbeastegg guide is nearing completion. 11 chapters are written and proofread, 3 other chapters only need some proofreading and 2 more chapters are about to get finalised.
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