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  • Murders! Mayhem! Mafia most menacing!


    War! The Town is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless and unstoppable Mafia. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere. In a stunning maneuver, the fiendish Kagemusha and the crazed Crazed Rabbit have swept into the town cleverly called "Frontroom", although inside the greater Gameroom area, and ruthlessly slaughtered the unsuspecting townies! Chief of Police Jujubee had no comment for this reporter, seeing as he had been sliced in half by a katana.

    Meanwhile, in Norway, it seems that several Kings have been slain and the gods themselves overthrown by the now-almighty Jotun, glyphz and Tincow, the god Loki (now known as Andres), and the fallen Jotun Diamondeye. "They never suspected a thing" said the proud princess Gyda, who as it turns out, was one of the monstrous giant tyrants in disguise.

    As the befuddled town army attempts to hold off yet another attack by the Mafia in the third installment of the Netherworld, a mild-mannered Pizzaguy called out for help. The gameroom had been going strong for five years, but under the relentless and vicious new assaults from the Mafia, things looked bad for the townies.

    Who would save the townies from the endless spiral of destruction and bring balance to the Force?

    Well it's certainly not me. I say nay nay to all of this carnage, and I'm getting out of here with my skin still attached. But hey, it's all yours if you want it. Don't let some undead creature from the black abyss suck out your brains and turn your spine into a toothpick, join up with your fellow townies and use the most powerful weapon known to townie-kind, the democratic vote, to destroy the cruel fiends before you die for good. And good luck! Because frankly, you're crazy if you think you can take a vote and lynch Cthulu or whatever malevolent nightmare is in store for you. I'll be over there cheering you on.

    Use strong rope, is my advice.

    Come join the rest of the victims, I mean players, in the Gameroom. There's still more anniversary-related games in store for you, and the calendar is going to be full of fun games for the rest of 2011.

    So what are you waiting for?

    An invitation?

    Be my guest.

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