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  • Tales from the Throne Room - Chapter Four

    Welcome back to Tales from the Throne Room, our regular piece on the Org's community of hotseat and RPG gamers!

    In this Chapter Four we'll invite you to join our new Total War: Shogun 2 RPG, provide an update on hotseat and RPG games in progress and share another of our favourite stories From the Vaults.

    Total War:Shogun 2 RPG in development

    Yes, you heard right! We're launching the Org's first RPG based in TWS2. We have several players signed up already but room for more so if you are interested in joining this game register your interest here and contribute to the discussion. We'd love to see you in the Throne Room!

    Current Hotseat Games:

    The Levantine Struggle
    This is a five-player hotseat in the Kingdoms: Crusades campaign. The game has reached the 29th turn, the Fatimid Egyptians have been eliminated and the Turks are looking wobbly. With Jerusalem crippled by the long war with the Fatimids the major powers are the Byzantines and Antioch, who now face off for the ultimate victory...

    For more, browse the AAR and diplomacy threads.

    Unification of the Isles
    This is a five-player hotseat in the Kingdoms: Britannia campaign. It's turn 33 and the game appears to be entering the final stages. Wales and Ireland have taken some heavy hits in the most recent turn and for now it looks like the dominant English-Norwegian alliance will win out.

    For more, check the diplomacy thread.

    The Frozen North
    This is an eight-player hotseat in the Kingdoms: Teutonic campaign which has been slightly modified to make Norway playable by a human player. The game has now reached turn 6 and we are down to five remaining factions: the HRE and Teutonic Order are allied and at war with Denmark and the treacherous Mongols. These two alliances look fairly matched and the war to decide the game should be a bloody and close-fought one. Poor Norway is holding on for now...just!

    Glorious Achievements: A M2TW hotseat
    This game is in the vanilla version of M2TW and started with eleven players. The aim of the game is to complete, within the 40 turn time limit, as many achievements as possible. These are listed in the first post of the game thread. We're on turn 36 so this game has four turns left to run. A war has been raging between Hungary, Turkey and Egypt on one side versus France, the HRE, Spain and England on the other. After an initial series of successes for the eastern alliance they were pushed back, losing Italy and much of Greece to the westerners. It appears that all seven remaining factions will survive to the 40 turn finish line and the question is now how many achievements has each faction been able to gather while at war?

    Clash of Gods
    This is a match in the Stainless Steel 6.4 mod between two teams, one of Catholic and one of Islamic factions. The game has progressed to its eighth turn, a crusade has been called on Moorish-held Silves and the Moorish Caliph has fallen in battle.

    Wrath of the Khan 2
    This is a game in which everyone teams up against the Mongol invasion. The game has been rolled forward to the time of the Mongol invasion and non-Mongol factions allocated randomly amongst the players. So far, by turn 5, the Great Khan's horde has exterminated the cities of Khiva, Urgench and Konjikala, killing 50 thousand civilians and 7 thousand of the Khwarezm Shah's finest troops in the process. Rumours have reached the Khan's ears that a group of nations are pooling their resources against him...the open question is, what is the Khan's intention? And exactly how many reinforcements are on their way from the far east to bolster his horde?

    For more, check the diplomacy and story threads.

    New hotseat games:

    With so many games reaching their end it's time for a new generation of hotseat games to start.

    End of the Third Age
    This is a team match in the Third Age Total War mod. The Free Peoples and the Servants of Sauron will clash in war until a series of target cities is acquired by either side. The game has just started and we watch this one with interest!

    Coming up soon will be a new Stainless Steel 6.4 grand campaign hotseat and with the Kingdoms games winding up we'll probably replace them with more of the same...so stay tuned and join a game!

    There are no hotseats currently recruiting for players but if you are interested in joining or hosting a game post in the Hotseat General Recruitment thread and we’ll see what we can organise. It’d be great to see you in the Throne Room!

    Current RPGs:

    Kings of the Nile (KotN) is a roleplaying game where players control the Ptolemaioi faction from the Europa Barbarorum mod for RTW.

    The number of active players is now three, so if you are interested in joining this game and the war against the accursed Seleucids, post here and join the fight!

    From the Vaults:

    This time we're going to continue the story of the first Broken Crescent hotseat in the Throne Room, Commanders of the Faithful, which ran for eighteen months between 2008 and 2009 and inspired a number of great stories, including this effort, originally posted by TheLemongate:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Konstantinopolis, beginning of Winter 1175

    Manuelos Komnenos was sifting through reports from all over Asia Minor and Syria. Prospects looked good. Rebellious towns had been captured in central Anatolikon and Cyprus was once again Roman.

    “At least this time that fool Kontostephanos hasn’t completely failed me.”

    King Baldwin of Jerusalem had also sent his approval for joint operations in Cilicia. A positive step in bridging the gap between the two great branches of the Christian faith. The Empire had given shelter to Armenian refugees when the Seljuks had invaded a century earlier. Since then, relations between liege and vassal had waxed and waned. Though the little Cilician kingdom had helped both Latins and Romans, neither could fully trust them. Their deviousness and willingness to side with the Turks could not be tolerated and so an invasion was underway.

    Tbilisi too had agreed to an alliance. Though Rome didn’t need the mountainous kingdom’s support in the immediate, the Georgians, through ingenious use of terrain, could resist for years to pressures from the East. A day might come when they would play a crucial role in Rome’s defense.

    Nearly everything had gone according to plan. Nearly.

    The Sultanate of Ikonion, Konya as the barbarians called it, had proven very aggressive in its negotiations. Not only did they not recognize Rome’s prior claim to rebellious towns still inhabited by Greeks and Romans, they threatened to storm Konstantinopolis itself while loudly clamoring their peaceful intentions at the court of the Arab Basileos…

    “And to think that these mongrels, these barbarians feast only a few days ride from our heartlands in the very city where St-Paul himself gathered the faithful to perform the Eucharist!”

    The Basileos was unnerved. He was a pious man. He had vowed to defend the holy places of Christendom whatever the cost to his person or to Rome. In his soul he was as much a crusader as his frankish allies but Turkish might was not to be underestimated. Unlike the Westerners, Rome had weathered the tides of time and had learned the hard way that patience can prevail where rash actions led only to disaster.

    A sudden rustling of feet drew the Emperor from his musings. An aid entered his office.

    “My lord, the men you requested are here.”

    Manuelos answered with a nod.

    The aid disappeared and ushered in a trio of eclectic warriors closely followed by four imposing varangian soldiers bedecked in full armor. The Basileos observed the men.

    One was a warrior from Rus, a Kievan by the looks of him. His eyes were a pale shade of blue and his blond locks fell in waves from his helmet. He was dressed in an ample brown garment with little decoration. A vicious looking ax hung by his left side, while a byzantine-style sword was at his right hand. A large metal-rimmed shield made of wood was hung over his back.

    The second man was from the steppes. A Cuman, or maybe a Turkman. His skin was darker then that of Greeks and Romans and his eyes had the cold black stare of Asia. His face was emotionless. One could barely discern a tiny smile creeping into the corner of his mouth which would send shivers down the spine of lesser men. Manuelos noted that there might have been as many as seven different blades on the mans accoutrement, each of a different and exotic design. The man must have let the small, compound bow for which his kin was known with his horse.

    Finally, the last man was a Norman. Towering a foot above his two companions, he was a match in size and muscle even for the varangs which escorted him. His dress was simple for the occasion. He wore no armor and his bare arms showed the scars of many battles. Scars earned fighting Rome no doubt…

    The Basileos admired the men before him. Some of the greatest warriors of this age, all come to sell their strength to Rome. And Rome was paying in gold and silver.

    “How many men do you command,” he asked?

    “Eighty knights from Apulia, armed and armored in the finest norman steel.”

    “A hundred infantrymen from Kiev and another hundred from Novgorod.”

    The asian looked at his companions and smiled:

    “Five hundred horsemen from the steppes armed with bow and javelin.”

    Manuelos was pleased.

    “I shall take command of the host myself. We are to meet the Roman army at Dorylaion and move to the front at once. If the Turks want war, we shall bring them war!”
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