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  • Design a Retainer- Competition at the official totalwar fora

    We are happy to announce you that our friends over at totalwar.com are currently organising a new competition at their fora.

    This months competition is to come up with a retainer for a game character like an agent or a family member/general. What you need to supply in order for your retainer to be valid entry is a name, a bit of text to accompany the retainer, it's effects and the likely conditions for it's appearance in the game.

    First prize is a choice of either a hard copy of Medieval 2: Total War Gold or one item of Total War DLC for the TW title of your choice plus your very own personal Total War themed avatar (supplied by yourself) and most intriguingly of all a piece of tat from The Creative Assembly offices.

    More information can be found over at the totalwar.com fora in this thread.

    Your submission can be entered HERE.

    Deadline is midnight GMT on Monday November 21st 2011.

    Good luck to all of you who participate!

    P.S.: if you don't have an account at totalwar.com yet, you'll have to register one in order to be able to take part in the contest. For more info check the .com fora or drop Shireknight a pm here at the .Org.
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