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  • Release of a new version of the CUF (font & text rendering) mod tool for M2:TW

    Another release with some more fixes and a few changes in behaviour.

    • Fix scrolling artifacts by forcing more repaints.
    • Center JavaHelp window properly
    • Fix loading of unit tests on the commandline. (You can tell I used NetBeans to run unit tests directly... )
    • Shells now use each their own PathParser, instead of relying on a globally shared one.

    • Rewrite of cuf.sh and cuf.wsf to be more flexible. This brings added flexibility in the commandline syntax and allows you to pass in options for the program using the -Doption.name=value syntax. The switches -nox, -gui, -tty and their long form counterparts --no-chrome, --with-chrome, --headless are now simply shorthands for a bunch of such options.

    • Changes in how Macros are written to disk: now the code sorts them. This further improves ease-of-use in versioning, as equivalent macro files will end up byte for byte identical.
    • Change in how message strings are loaded from resource bundles, and attending change in program startup logic: now the program attempts to load them through the
      custom classloader (as soon as possible). This is not directly useful for end users, unless you happen to be writing code that wants to let the CUF tool load its own message strings.
    • Add the ability to load XSLT stylesheets from URLs directly. Only available to code extending the XSLTOption class of the CUF tool. This change enables code based on the CUF tool to load predefined “well known” XSLT stylesheets directly.
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