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    Hello, Daimyos! This is my second story of STW2, aiming at finishing a Shimazu campaign (Domination + Legendary). Many of the strategic and tactical discussions are based on the first story (Chosokabe, here is the link).

    In fact, I seriously hate the Shimazu clan because they are usually hardly any strategy required to win with them in any Sengoku game. Maybe I can make this one a little harder.


    (1) Must convert to Christianity. Shimazu's family crest is the Christian cross. So we must convert.
    (2) Must use tactics favored by the historical Shimazu clan "Bait and Hidden". Please see explaination below.
    (3) Must figure out an effective field tactics with guns, like the historical Shimazu.

    The above diagram shows what "Bait and Hidden" basically is. I am not sure why Shimazu made such a big deal out of this to give it a unique name and became famous for it, because this tactic is nothing but luring an enemy into a trap - any 1-star general should know this trick. But apparently Shimazu's opponents were all dumb enough to fall for this elementary-school trick again and again. Maybe not marching into a likely trap is a sign of cowardness and dishonor?

    Or maybe Shimazu's large number of guns requires this tactics, because guns cannot be used behind their main line - the straight-travelling bullets would shoot their own men's back. Shimazu had to arrange the guns on both sides so they could shoot the enemy's side and back. Instead of crediting Shimazu's cunning tactics or their enemy's incompetency, maybe it is Shimazu's only choice. If they win, it is because they managed to move the guns to the sides. If they lose, maybe their line did not hold long enough for their guns to rout their enemy.

    Let's get started!

    Table of Content


    Book 1 - Libera Me Domine
    Chapter 01. Saving precious honor
    Chapter 02. Death by one too many alliance
    Chapter 03. Bait, not hidden
    Chapter 04. Rebellion doomed by incompetency
    Chapter 05. The contraction before born again

    Book 2 - Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)
    Chapter 06. Gospel of chaos
    Chapter 07. Dodging the sharpest arrows
    Tactics: "Bait and not hidden"
    Chapter 08. Technological Gap
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