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  • EBII Pritanoi preview (part 1)

    The EBII Team presents the 1st preview of the Pritanoi.

    In this preview we give extensive details about the british faction, with a tremendous amount of informative material which served for the its development in the EBII mod. You can read all about the History, units and our sources.

    In the High Place of the White Horse we live peacefully, and yet are able to strike a blow when needed, as our neighbours know right well. Our way of life is perfect - rich farms cover the green and pleasant land, hardy ponies and sturdy cattle carry us and feed us, and the bones of the earth give us the metals we need to make sharp blades and bright spears - and neither do our swords sleep.

    Esseda (War Chariot)

    This is the first of 2 previews planned for this exciting faction. Don't miss it!
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    1. Mark's Avatar
      Mark -
      I enjoyed that little tid bit. Thanks.
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