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    Grettings fellow forum members!

    Myself and my co-member Finn MacCumhail would like to take the opportunity to invite members to participate in a Europa Barbarorum inspired art competition. If you are unfamiliar with the Europa Barbarorum modification for Rome Total War you can find their sub-forum on this site, it's well worth a look.

    This competition is being hosted with the assistance of several moderators and I would like to thank them as well for offering to help.

    We are looking for entries from people spanning from the Persian-Greek wars to the reign of the Five Good Emperors of Rome.


    1. You must not use screenshots from modifications which span this time period, even in a modified form.

    2. You can work with any medium/materials; paint, charcoal, clay, crayons etc. even LEGO if you like.

    3. The artwork can be in any form; standard picture, comic, diarama, animations etc.

    4. Maximum of three entries per person (if we even get close to that).

    5. Don't submit other people's work, it wil be found out (this in particular refers to anyone who is considering scanning an illustration from an Osprey book).

    6. Be historically accurate. In the spirit of Europa Barbarorum we would like to ask people to be as accurate as possible. Therefore NO fantasy units, NO anachronistic combinations of units. For example we will not accept a scene in which Roman legionaries, clad in Lorica Segmentata, clash with an army of 300-esque Persian Immortals whilst a group of bare breasted Amazonians look on... NO!

    There are also several categories to enter to try and make it as fun as possible:

    1. Epic battle (historical or fictional as long as it's historically accurate)
    2. Portraying small numbered units (similar to Osprey reconstructions) 1-5. Anything more than this we will consider to be a battle.
    3. Portraying famous people from our time period.
    4. Architecture. Cities/Castles/Forts/Palaces etc.
    5. Non military everyday life (farming, smithing, fishing, sailing etc. No scenes of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra doing you know what though!).

    So as to give time to people to come up with ideas and artworks we will leave this competition open till 1st August 2012. If you would like to enter please PM either myself or Finn MacCumhail with your entries, we will then display them in this (or a related) thread unless you object.

    Judging will be performed by popular vote with a month long poll open for forum members to view the entrants after 1st August. We will award a prize, in the form of a signature, to the first place winners of each category and balloons to the runners up.

    Look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

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