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  • ORG's 2012 Story/After Action Report(AAR) competition

    ORG's 2012 Story/After Action Report(AAR) competition

    Interested in sharing an unforgettable Total War adventures?
    Think you are a creative writer, photographer, or cameraman?

    (1) Period: From now, 2012.06.15, to 2012.08.31 23:59 GMT.

    (2) Content Requirement: Must be based on a Total War game campaign or battle(s). Any Total War title. It can be single player or multiplayer.

    (3) Restrictions: None. The participant can decide the victory conditions of the campaign or battle, difficulty, mods, etc. There is no restriction on length or format of the story/AAR.

    (4) Qualifications: Two conditions must be satisfied.

    (Condition 1a) The participant starts a new thread in the ORG's TreasAARy forum during the contest period. This is an automatic admission.
    (Condition 1b) The participant could have started an AAR/story in the TreasAARy or another forum prior to the contest period. However, during the period of the competition, the story must receive no less than 1000 words of extra content. The participant also has to explicitly state that he or she wishes to enter the work into the competition by replying to this thread.

    (Condition 2) The story must end before the deadline. The story does not have to end on a victory/loss screen, but it must provide an obvious closure such as "The End".

    (5) Awards: A little badge will permanently hang below all participants' portrait. There will be multiple award categories created depending on the number of nature of submissions. Campaign and battle AAR/stories are judged separately.

    (6) Multiple Submissions: Participants can submit multiple entries to both the campaign and the battle category.

    (7) General Tips:
    - Write creatively. Present the game from an angle different from a usual gamer's perspective.
    - Run spell-checks.
    - Feel free to use pictures, videos, or anything that you think will help the story (bribes to the ORG staff might be accepted).

    (8) Questions and Comments?:
    In order to ensure that your questions and comments are addressed quickly, please respond to this thread.
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