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  • Total War in Steam Summer Sale!

    It looks like the entire Total War series, excluding STW and MTW, is currently on sale on Steam. Check out the deals on the Sega Collection sale page:


    The entire pack itself is of questionable value, but it includes the following TW game sales (prices in USD):
    RTW Gold: $6
    RTW Alexander: $3
    M2TW: $6
    M2TW Kingdoms: $3
    ETW: $12 (with DLCs for $2)
    ETW Warpath: $6
    NTW: $12 (with DLCs for $2 and $6)

    S2TW is also on sale, though it is currently part of the Daily Deal, and thus the prices below are likely to disappear by the end of today, probably replaced by deals which are still good, though not quite as good:
    S2TW: $7.50
    S2TW Rise of the Samurai: $2.50
    S2TW Fall of the Samurai: $15
    All S2TW DLCs are also marked down 40%.

    All in all, there are some pretty decent deals there. If you've ever skipped over some TW games, expansions, or DLCs but are still interested in them, now would be a good time to pick them up.
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