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  • Furious Two! - 1v1/2v2 Tournament

    TWCC - Furious Two! - RTW/STW2 1v1/2v2 Tournament

    - Hosted on both Rome: Total War & Shgoun 2/ Fall of the Samurai
    - Single elimination
    -This is a 1v1/2v2 tournament. Players will fight 2-3 1v1 battles, followed a 2v2 battle. The Tie-breaker is a 1v1.
    - Teams will be paired against each other, and attacker/defenders will be designated by the admins.
    - Phase One will consists of 2 to 3 1v1 games. The attacking team will declare a player to represent the team, followed by the declaration of an opponent by the defending team. If a player wins, he can play another game within the match; however, the looser can not participate in the 1v1s anymore. Phase one ends when 1 team has lost both players. Each won 1v1 game is worth 1 point.
    - Phase Two is a single 2v2 game. Again, the attacker will be declared by the admins. A 2v2 win is worth 2 points.
    - If a Tie-Breaker is needed, it will be a 1v1 game, playable by any of the competitions.
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