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  • Annual Christmas Competition at totalwar.com !

    Our friends over at the official totalwar site have started their annual Christmas competition. Up to two lucky people will have the chance to win a copy of Rome II :)

    Your chance to win a copy of Total War: Rome II

    Our friends over at totalwar.com have a fabulous prize: if you win, you'll get a a Steam download code for Total War: Rome II so for you the painful part of Rome II will already be over (the parting of the cash) and all you you'll have to do is patiently wait for the good fellows at CA to finish the game.

    Like last year, they are looking for pictures based around Total War that also have a Christmas (or for people who don't celebrate Christmas a Winter) theme to them so these can be edited screen shots taken from your favourite Total War title, an original picture themed around Total War or even customised in-game flags or unit models.

    This year pictures can be any size up to 1024x768

    *Newsflash* to encourage a larger participation and to celebrate 2013 as the year of Rome II if we receive a minimum of 20 eligible entries then a second Total War: Rome II download code will be awarded to a picture of CA's choice decided by an internal poll of CA staffmembers and the forum moderating team conducted over the first two weeks of January.

    Right here are the rules:

    1. Only pictures based on a Total War theme are eligible for entry.
    2. All pictures must have a Christmas or winter element to them.
    3. Only one entry allowed per member.
    4. Previous winning entries are not eligible for submission.
    5. Entries can only be a maximum of 1024x768 in size.
    6. All entries are at the .com moderating teams discretion and any entry can be refused admission to the competition without any reason being given.
    7. The winner will be awarded a Rome II steam download code once they become available for distribution.
    8. Two runners up will receive a steam download code for a Total War DLC of their choice.
    9. If twenty eligible entries are received then a second (bonus) first prize will be awarded to CA's favourite picture (winner to be announced later in the month)

    Please submit all entries into this thread, entries can be made until midnight December 24th GMT, a public poll will then be created on Christmas Day and the forum members themselves will vote for the winning entry(s), the poll closes midnight December 31st GMT.

    The winner and runners up will be confirmed on New years day (January 1st 2013), if one of the runner up's pictures is subsequently chosen for the additional prize then the picture that came 4th in the forum poll will be promoted to runner up.

    Entry thread :-

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