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    Don Fernando Delgado was playing his cello, on his luxuruous boat. It was a hot night, a bit too hot for the man who controlled the better part of an unnamed South American country. Don Fernando Delgado, allthough a notorious drugs baron, thought of himself as a benevolent ruler; more fair and just than most governments, which he considered the biggest criminals of them all. He? He was just a businessman with a good heart.

    Little does he know that there are forces who want him dead.

    Will Don Fernando Delgado survive the assassinations attempts from the best hitmen out for hire or not? Will his powerful foes, amongst which governments and powerful figures from the financial world, finally succeed to destroy this noble crime lord with a heart for music or will he prevail and survive what no one else before him has ever survived?

    Or will somebody ultimately get his revenge?

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    Join "The Palace", my latest large mafia game!

    In case anyone is wondering whether or not to join this game- This is Andres. Right up there with GH as one of the best game hosts of them all, whose games have been consistently well-written, deceptively simple, and perfectly balanced. It's classic mafia with an twist only Andres can deliver.
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