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  • The .Orgs' HOF 2012 awards

    It's that time of the year again !

    Every year, the .Org recognizes some of its members whose contributions to the forum over the year help make the .Org the great place it is. The time has come for the 2012 edition of these awards.

    What you can do is read over the categories in the nomination threads. If you wish to nominate another member for an award, simply post their name in the appropriate thread and an explanation why they should win the award. Links of examples to their contributions are always helpful. The nomination period will run for around 2 weeks, and after that, you will be able to vote for your candidate in the polls that will be put up once the nomination period ends.

    The winners, once announced, will win a shiny HOF badge for their work, but all of you should be commended for your efforts on making this forum what it is. It is an honor to simply be nominated.

    Any award-related question or comment can be posted in this thread, or preferably, the FAQ thread (that other stickied thread).

    Should any disputes arise, please PM one of the HOF moderators.

    Please keep in mind that you are considering 2012 contributions only.

    And of course: have fun
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