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  • And suddenly, it all went so fast!

    So fast.

    It was a rainy day in May. And allthough it was blowing hard, there were no answers to be found in the wind.

    In a large dark room, there was a bunch of men and maybe even some women, sitting together, trying to be poetic and funny, drinking and smoking too much. Loud music was playing and many danced and appeared to be cheerful, but somehow, nobody could shake this feeling of desperation and imminent doom.

    This place was supposed to be save. Outside were the cannibals, scavenging the wastelands for meat. Horrible things were happening outside. Outside, where there was no hope. No future. Nothing but cruelty and dead.

    But here, in this all too seldom safe haven, there were food and drinks, electricity and heating, music and even cigarettes. Enough for at least a week or two.

    The people in the dark room were trying hard to stay in the illusion that everything was ok. That everything would be ok. That it would always be ok from now on.

    But it wasn't ok. Not by a mile.

    Not here, in this room where, all of the sudden, in less than a fraction of a second, terrible and unspeakable things could happen.

    This is my latest large mafia game which will be a crazy game with lots of twists that will change the course of the game. You can certainly expect the unexpected on this rollercoaster to either victory or an untimely end!

    Sounds interesting?

    Then hurry up and sign up HERE!
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