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    OK, slow day...so...

    Hiya guys,
    As you know, the Roman era wasn’t just a time of war and conquest: it was also a time of exploration, discovery, alliance, and of course, trade. This map depicts every trade route and hub in ROME II’s vastly detailed campaign map. Which faction will you play as? Start planning your trade empire now!

    ...and this - a CA update on ramming:
    Hey guys, I just wanted to drop in and clear something up regarding ramming.

    I've seen some concerns about the lack of impact in some scenarios seen in the naval warfare video; collisions between ships are divided into either being a ramming action or a boarding action. Boarding actions do not result in any large visual impact, whereas ramming will produce wood splinters, hull damage and rocking and tilting of the impacted ship. What was shown in the video was a boarding action, and that's why you didn't see those elements. It's a gameplay distinction that's been made to provide quick information to the player as to what action has been performed, between two scenarios which might otherwise initially look similar.

    I hope this clears things up a little.

    'cause I'm a giver!
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