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  • KLA'S Skinpack - SPARTAN UNITS - The first complete re-skin of Spartan army

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    I present my new mod for Rome 2. This time it is a complete re-skin Spartan units, and also my biggest mod for RTW2.
    It is also the first units pack for RTW2 completely changing faction units.

    I changed the following things:

    - Added a lot of different helmets, depending on the rank of the units (Phrygian, Thracian, Boeotian, Attic, Chalcidian, Pilos);
    - Added better shield symbols, which in most cases is shining and it isn't only one symbol of Sparta;
    - Added many faces because all infantry units had the same faces;
    - I left a lot of elements characteristic of Sparta - symbols, beards, etc.
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