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  • KLA's new CELTIC SKINPACK - The wide variation in units; new helmets

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    I present my next mod for Rome 2.
    I decided to change Celtic units.
    In Rome 2, the Celts aren't diverse. There are very few helmets and only one chain mail. Southern Gauls and Celts are only 5 types of helmets... Most of Gallic units have the 2-3 helmets. Many helmets weren't used in the game.
    I added 4 new helmets and 3 types of chain mail. There is a lot more diversely. For example - units that had 3 helmets before, now they have 8-10 helmets. Units who have 1 (chosen swords/spears!) helmet before, now they have 4 helmets.
    This is the first mod changing Celtic helmets on such a large scale.
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