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  • Warhammer: Total War - A Call To Arms Released!

    This really is it, folks! The very final release of Warhammer: Total War for RTW 1.5, over half a decade in the making, is here. With a totally packed unit roster, a host of new features, a major UI overhaul, and much more besides, the End Times are now in the Rome: Total War engine as you've never seen them before. With over 250 unique units, over 150 provinces on a map stretching from the Chaos Wastes to Lustria and from Naggaroth to the Mountains of Mourn, a vast range of new buildings available, and all factions fully playable, the new release promises a vastly improved gameplay experience. The benefits of the vast modding experience applied to this final version can be felt as well, with magicians and new monsters and war machines including the mighty stegadon and powerful Steam Tank available for you to command.

    Full installation instructions are provided on the forum and in the readme supplied: please use the official forum for any further installation queries. Finally, thankyou to everyone who's supported us, and enjoy the mod!

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