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  • Athens: Summer. Harvest. War (R2TW succession game)

    Athens: Summer. Harvest. War

    This is a succession game for Rome II: Total War, where we will be playing the full term of a faction leader per player, using Athens on Very Hard. When the FL dies, the current player saves the game.

    Then he retrieves it (C: Users>_user name_>AppData>Roaming>The Creative Assembly>Rome 2>save_games

    (or type %appdata% in the Run bar and go from there)

    He archives it using winrar/winzip/7zip

    Then he uploads it online (I suggest you use the .org's very own file upload system we use for hotseat games)

    Then he tags the next player in the list with an @ symbol and gives the link.

    We will be using vanilla Rome 2: Total War using the latest patch and with both DLCs installed. Please uninstall or disable any mods you may have to avoid save game corruption and to ensure compatibility!

    List of players:


    Term 1 is up (Goes to Bramborough)
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