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  • The .Org Total War Wallpaper contest! Win a signed copy of Rome II !

    With great pleasure we would like to announce The .Org Total War Wallpaper contest!

    The prize? For this contest, the amazing people over at the Creative Assembly have graciously agreed to award the winner a signed copy of Total War: Rome II.

    Here is how it is going to work:
    -The contest will begin in 24 hours from this post.
    -You may only submit one entry.
    -This contest will end in two weeks, Wednesday November 20th, at 20:00 (8 pm) EST.
    -To submit, there will be no submission thread like the previous screenshot competition. Rather, you will private message me your submission.
    -It's a wallpaper competition, so any subject matter is okay as long as the subject matter is the Total War series. So if you want to make a wallpaper of Shogun I or Medieval II, that is fine. But remember, this is a wallpaper, so make it look professional. Photoshopping is fine.
    -Your submission must be original content. If we catch you using someone else's art or screenshot, you will be disqualified.

    Who is going to judge this competition? Creative Assembly's Art Lead, Kevin McDowell, will pick the winner.

    "So Hooahguy, why do I have to PM you my submission?" This is because we don't want people to be discouraged and not submit if they see another submission which is very good. When the submission deadline is up, we will post all the submissions so everyone can see. At that time, CA will vote on who wins, and the prize will be awarded.

    "Can .Org staff submit?" Yes, they can. Because CA is judging the contest, there is no reason why .Org staff should not be allowed to enter. Still, because I am the one running the contest on this end, I am removing myself from the contest to ensure full impartiality.

    With that, good luck to all!

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