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  • KLA's 'Sons of Mars' - ROMAN SKINPACK

    KLA's 'Sons of Mars' - ROMAN SKINPACK

    Hello! I present to you my newest work - KLA 's 'Sons of Mars' Roman Skinpack. It is a comprehensive reskin of Roman units.
    I have worked on the basis of historical sources. This mod changes the appearance of Roman units: from the days of the Republic, after the reforms of Marius and the early Empire.
    I would add that this is the first mod that gives a greater variety of colors tunics than 3 variants. Republican units have up to 6-7 different colored tunics. Marian and Imperial units are more uniformed.
    It is also the first mod that gives the Imperial Roman legionaries and pretorians shield inside the same color as the outside. There is no longer bare boards as in the base game.
    Below is a detailed presentation of units and changes.
    I will go to-date complete, improve and increase the number of units.
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