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  • Demeterís Refugees: A Baktrian AAR

    Demeterís Refugees: A Baktrian AAR

    Chapter One
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    This land is rotten.

    It has been this way for five harvest seasons now. Demeter, our goddess of the harvest and fertility of the earth, has clearly cursed this land to throw us out. Famine grips this land, killing our children with wretched hunger as we scrape whatever we can from empty fields where our harvests went to die.

    We have no future here, and for this reason, we must leave.

    I am Agathon, royal scribe to our Basileus (our word for king), Prochoros.

    I have been in the service of the royal family for almost a decade now, having been hired by Prochorosís father, Basileus Haemon. I have been tasked with recording this perilous journey that we face, a journey that will take us from this diseased land to Hellas, the land of our ancestors. I will record this journey so our children, if the Gods allow, will know of the sacrifices we made so they might have a future on this earth.

    So in the early spring of 272 Prochoros began to gather up our forces in preparation. Every able man will be asked to join us for this journey, but Prochoros is forcing nobody to join us. It is a hazardous journey that will take many Baktrian lives, but while we face a probable death travelling to Hellas, it is a certain death if we stay in shadow of the Hindu-Kush mountains. And that is why we must flee before the wrath of an angry goddess, we refugees of Demeter.

    More to come soon!
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