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  • Medieval 3: Total War leaked pre-alpha footage

    I am so excited for this! Finally, we are getting Med 3. Here is a report from an unknown CA employee I received on my private e-mail late last night. (the name is obviously not his real name)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy RusselCA
    Hey mate I wanted to share some information with you regarding Medieval 3. It will span the years 800 AD until 1450 AD, and it will cover Europe, north Africa and parts of Asia. We are introducing a radical new and exciting change to the total war franchise - you will now not only be able to fire your own siege weapons, but also ride down enemies or stand as a pike man in first person mode too! Here are some screenshots:

    So I don't know how to feel about this, but I am hopeful, considering that it is the first of the month after March.
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