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  • Emperor Edition + free DLC announced (IN BETA NOW)

    BETA RELEASED! Go to post 12 in this thread for the change notes!

    Big news!

    So for those at work or cannot see it, I will sum up: the Emperor Edition is simply all the patches and free DLC wrapped into one, but more importantly, all players will be getting a new campaign, one dealing with the civil war between Octavian and Mark Antony. They also changed how building chains work so I'm eager to see how this will work.

    But the biggest change is that politics and the civil war are being redone! Instead of just a bunch of armies appearing out of the blue, entire armies and regions will rebel, and can happen multiple times throughout a campaign. Civil wars are no longer unavoidable. Gravitas is important because you need to balance it to stall the civil war occurring. Overall, very happy with these changes. There will also be a beta for this which we can participate in.

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