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  • The Italian Wars for Medieval II: Total War

    Hey there,

    I'd like to introduce you my mod "The Italian Wars" the mod is set the 15th and 16th century and the name already reveal that it will take place in Italy.
    The campaign starts in 1493 and ends in 1559 (4 turns per year).
    Originally, this mod was brought to live by Vlad Tepes from Strategie Zone(german forum), but he was not able to continue this beautiful mod, so I got the permission to continue. I'm already known in some german forums also for my mod In Nomine Dei.

    All factions are playable:

    Kingdom of France (blue)
    Holy Roman Empire (black)
    Swiss Confederation (wine red)
    Kingdom of Hungary (orange)
    Duchy of Milan (green)
    Signoria of Florence (white)
    Papal States (gold)
    Kingdom of Naples (light yellow)
    Kingdom of Spain (yellow)
    Republic of Venice (red)
    Ottoman Empire (light green)

    The Map:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    • Mercenariesscript
    • many many events
    • also events where you can decide, what will happen with your realm
    • Independet citystates and lordship script (for cities like Mantua, Modena, Lucca...)
    • special buildings or units are available in these provinces
    • New Units
    • completly overworked KI recruitingsystem
    • city construction stage (every city only can be build up to a specific level, for example: Venice (metropolis) and the city of Forli only to small town)
    • etc.

    - Lusteds Battle AI and Campaign AI
    - Faction of Florence taken from Reconquista (Thanks to W├╝stenkrieger)
    - Units from OuO (Thanks to Bob)
    - Titles for Holy Land Mod by billydilly (Eventpics, ANC Pics)
    - Lacs Byzantine Heavy Spearmen
    - Lord Condormanius - new strat captian models
    - Adorno - for the map
    - Eothese for the papacy battle model
    - Isilendil - for some of his units from Call of Warhammer
    - Magus - Crimson Tide Mod
    - nessj999 - new loadingscreens and menu
    - Rydwan for the swiss units and textures
    - and all the others, which I've forgotten (sorry.. )

    And thanks to Vlad Tepes, who allowed me to continue his mod

    Downloads of the recent versions: (last update 17th of May)

    Download 3.3

    Patch: Download 3.3.1

    Alternative Download Patch:
    Download 3.3.1

    - New menu music
    - includes all patches and fixes of previous versions
    - mercenary script is finally sophisticated
    - some new events (espescially for France and Spain)
    - many new images for historic events
    - new interfaces and buttons

    Full English Translation - Version 1.00:

    Special thank's to:

    for helping me with the translation!!

    How to install:
    1. Install and download all versions to 3.3.1
    2. Download the translation (follow the link, then press crtl+s, to download)
    3. Extract the files from this .rar file in your SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods directory and overwrite every file.
    4. Start the mod

    Link to forum: https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/forumd...e-Italian-Wars

    If you have any problems during installation or bugs please post here:

    Regards Neadal
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