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  • Rome 2 - new Campaign Pack comfirmed!

    As we mentioned in the last blog, we’re currently working on a big feature as the free content update for the next campaign pack for Total War: ROME II, which we’ll be opening for a public beta once we’ve announced the content of our new campaign pack. This helps us to ensure that we’re giving all of you the chance to get hands-on with a new feature that will affect the entirety of ROME II’s Grand Campaign. We’ll be sharing more on this very soon…

    Apart from the Free-LC, the historical new content team is also developing a campaign pack set in a specific location and time period. This particular combination of time and space has barely been touched by ROME II’s current content and comes with a very detailed new campaign map, brand new units, and factions familiar and new. There are also a number of new gameplay mechanics that aim to explore other ways of conducting total war in ROME II.

    For more info please visit this thread.
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