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    Being a historical enthusiast and playing total war games go together like carrot sticks and barbecue sauce... okay, bad example - but it's true that many among our community love to know more about the time frames during which our favorite games are set. That's why when i was forwarded this news story i knew it was something worth sharing.

    Releasing his second book, author Ian Hughes offers us the "first modern biography of the pivotal figure, Flavius Stilicho". The press release can be found below in full!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pen & Sword Press Release
    Stilicho: The Vandal Who Saved Rome is the first modern biography of the pivotal figure, Flavius Stilicho.

    Stilicho is one of the major figures in the fascinating history of the Late Roman Empire and his actions after the death of Emperor Theodosius the Great in 395 may have helped to divide the Western and Eastern halves of the Roman Empire on a permanent basis. Yet he is also the individual who helped maintain the integrity of the West before the rebellion of Constantine III in Britain and the crossing of the Rhine by a major force of Vandals, Sueves and Alans (both in AD 406) set the scene for his own downfall and the later disintegration of the West.

    The period in which Stilicho lived was one of the most turbulent in European history. The Western Empire was finally giving way under pressure from external enemies and the recurrent threat of internal revolts and rebellions. Stilicho # The Vandal Who Saved Rome looks afresh at Stilicho's career and attempts to reach a balanced conclusion as to his aims and motives and success or failure in achieving them. This is a long overdue biography of a central figure in this crucial period of history and one which is not afraid to challenge orthodox views.

    Ian Hughes has had an interest in ancient history since first learning about the Sumerians at school. He gained a BA in Ancient and Medieval History and an MA in Ancient History and Society from Cardiff University. This is his second book. Belisarius: The Last Roman General, was published by Pen & Sword in 2009.
    You can find the book, both from the publisher Pen & Sword and from Amazon.co.uk and it certainly looks like an interesting read.

    The period in which Flavious Stilicho lived was quite turbulent indeed, and if you buy the book make sure you tell us what you think! While you're at it, why not head over to our historical forums and discuss either the man or the era?
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