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  • RELEASE :[TGC 0.98 public alpha II] Released version 09.03.2021

    The Great Conflicts 872-1071

    goes public alpha II ,TGC 0.9.8
    How to install the mod:
    a) Download 0.9.8 to your system. Optional: download the optional Stuff too. We split this in two, as you don´t need to download the optional stuff everytime a new version of TGC show´s up. This will reduce the filesize for the main download.

    b) Open the downloaded TGC_public_alpha_II 7zip file with 7zip and you will see a "TGC_melt" named folder

    c) Extract/paste all into your Medieval 2 Total war ...\mods\ folder. Note that TGC is a complete seperate install and don´t interfere with any other mods or versions. Go inside your newly installed mods\TGC_melt folder. There´s a batch file called "Launch_TGC.bat" to start the game. Doubleclick. When done correctly, you will notice the version "TGC public alpha II" in the Loadingscreen.

    d) (Optional) The Game will start in "windowed" and "borderless window" mode enabled to provide better stability.

    You can make a shortcut of the "Launch_TGC.bat" file and put it to your desktop. There´s a icon file in mods\TGC_melt to make it look pretty .
    How to start a new campaign
    lock and unlock a factions like in a hotseatcampaign. You need to choose only one faction(!!!) that is marked with a white underground, otherwise the game kicks you back and you can try it again!

    If so: you most likely have locked more than 1 faction (lombards are in by default). Choose the faction you like to play and you will notice a blinking white underground around there factionicon. this means that faction is locked - but you now have to unlock the Lombards for example, or any other faction you may have locked in at the process by clicking on there icon one time (there factionicon blinks white when locked). Look at the video in post #19 below, 2:20 - 2:50

    Report anything unusual.....

    Progress scedule.
    build 0.98 - contains updated lombards, new units for papal_state, venice and armenian subfaction. alot more scripts, fixes and improvements, switched culture greek/romaic, EE/slavic, updated settlements and Minorcities (forts)

    next will be:
    build 0.98a will have the Lombard portraits and final Islamic rosters
    build 0.98b will have islamic portraits and the final Serbian and Great Moravian rosters plus all the "Slavic rebels" that will be used in Croatia, Serbia, Rus areas
    build 0.98c will have eastern_european and Rus portraits and the Normans and Croatians polishing
    build 0.98d will have all foreign mods models remade by TGC's standards

    Finally build 0.99a open beta will have Bulgarian final roster with its shadow faction also made, UI cards and portraits

    1.0 beta we will try to fix any scripts , find and remake for all left UI units info cards TGC style


    TGC :

    AnthoniusII :
    Modleader, Unitcreation, Testing and crazy ideas

    _tartaros_ : Scripts, Mapping, Coding, Testing and Build-Manager
    NikeBG : Research, text
    Jale82 : Implantation Named Forts, Textworks and Tester
    hyretic : 2d and UI
    Miguel_80 : Coder, Scripter

    Leif Erikson
    karlo st
    Heathen Storm

    Special Thanks to Visual refences :

    Mr D.Katsikes
    that so kindly allowed us to use the pictures of his creations (armors of 10th century) as basis for our textures.

    Mr G.Rava
    for the inspiration we had ,reading the books that he was so wonderfully illustrated.

    Special Thanks to the primary CBUR researching team :
    Manuel Komnenos
    Agis Tournas

    BGTW Team :

    Credits :
    Kiskompi (Historical research and unit descriptions)
    dome (from Magyar mod)
    faradon (from talewords forum)
    Paleologos (textures)
    Karaislam (modeling)
    Absinthia (model parts, weapons, textures)
    Koultouras (model parts, 3d banners, textures, 3d heads, varangian animation modification)
    Socal_Infidel (model parts)
    Slash-5 (conikal helmet)
    S-te-fan (model parts)
    Lord_Calidor (weapons)
    tone (his exelent scale texture)
    CounterPoint391 (sword models and textures)
    DisgruntledGoat (1066 model parts like arrow quivers , belts etc)
    LuBu (3d belts, shoulder and knee armor parts )
    Tzar (banner textures)
    Strelac (3d belts and primary varangian animation and advices)
    Rusichi TW/MARKA team (primary source of models, textures and horses)
    Dome (horse body textures)
    Alkimachos (helmet classic roman crests)
    AnthoniusII (model parts extensive modifications), Gravity/Realism mod
    Csatádi (Research help and advices/sugestionsBanzai,Fabiusbile for the animation pack and fixed bow animations)
    Briarius (Horse charge riders position fix)
    CounterPoint391 (Viking swords and their textures)
    Markhaselb (New lance and bow animations)
    Lord Calidor (Weapons and their textures)
    =NF=Basileios the 2nd
    Morfeasnikos (modeling)
    Pacco (for his wonderfull textures and his Byzantine shield texture pack)
    Master Zuma (for his help with the animation combilation)
    Lance for his wonderfull "cataphract" model)
    JMRC for his wonderfull kontarati animation and skeleton adjustment and for his many advices that helped us a lot)
    Banzai (for his wonderfull animation pack)
    tone, mihaiv and RSII team (for their permisions to use their wonderfull skins and other material like trees)
    Johnwhile (for his animations of the Roman Multi Arrow Balista)
    Razor (for his model and texture parts)
    Invasio Barbarorum/Joar (2d Message icons)
    Πεtr Φροποβ (for his wonderfull shield paterns and designs)
    PubliusKhanus / Starlightman: (Research/infos)
    XHolycrusader and EBII Team: (help with IWTE and use of Scriptideas)
    Strelac (For his 3d chest belts from his Pelekyphoroi Phrouroi)
    Rampante-Cid (Historical Info)
    De Bello Mundi/EoR (use of there Settlements and materials)
    firekiller (historical information)
    Sumskilz (Models and textures)
    Evyatar (for his scale cuirass texture)
    thelionheart (for his help with arabic names)
    Tsardom Team
    Cedric37 (2d)
    Withwnar (help with scripts and fixes)
    LegendofTotalWar (Letsplaypromotion and feedback)

    Special Thanks to :
    Rusichi TW modding team

    All the People still playing this old Dreadnaught Medieval II Total War (Activision, Creative Assembly, SEGA and Feral Interactive)
    with all it´s Mods and writing comments, tutorials and tools
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