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  • EB Online League Season 3

    EB Online League Season 3
    Season 3 of the EB Online League is now in session.

    Old timers will remember that EB Online had a ladder many years ago where players could submit games and receive Elo ratings (see the announcement from 2012). That ladder was forked from the one used for The Battle for Wesnoth?incidentally, ours was the only fork I am aware of! Sadly, security on that software was rather weak (the ladder was subject to spam), giving me little choice but to take it down.

    This season marks the beginning of ranked ladder play for competitive Europa Barbarorum. I have updated the site and written custom server software to accommodate this change. You may now create an account on the site to upload replays for both ranked and casual games. For more information on this season's format, please visit the Season 3 page.

    If you are interested, please join us over at Discord where we arrange matches and stream games. It is also where you may contact me with questions and concerns.

    If this is your first time, please note that we play EB using the original Rome: Total War on Steam. Visit our setup page to learn more.

    The prize pool for the EB Online League is funded entirely by voluntary donations. If they can afford it, players are encouraged to contribute a small amount (no more than $25). Please note that donations are non-refundable.

    Good luck on the battlefield!
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