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  • CA Partners with the .Org for Contest: Fabulous Prizes!

    (a big thank you to CA's Photoshop artist Mark for creating this stunning image for us )

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you all to the .Org's Shogun 2: Total War Desktop Background competition!

    What's this about?

    The aim of the competition is simple: create a desktop background for Shogun II: Total War!

    Why would I do that ?

    Aha, for our fantastic prize of course!

    The good people of the Creative Assembly have promised a signed copy of Napoleon : Total War - Imperial Edition

    Talk about a collector's item, eh

    I want the prize! How much time do I have to make the most brilliant wallpaper ever and to destroy the competition?

    You'll get four weeks from now on to work on your submission. Everybody is allowed to participate!

    The submission thread is right HERE.

    But, but, but, the submission thread is still closed.

    Patience, young padawan. The thread will be opened on Monday August 16th, the official kick-off date of this contest.

    I'm the greatest! I don't need no competition! Hand me over that prize already!

    No, you're just being lazy. Create a stunning wallpaper, now

    Who do I have to bribe?

    Once the submission period is over, we'll create a poll that will run for about a week.

    After the poll is closed, the infallible and unbribable jury consisting of three CA members, namely :

    - Lead Artist for Total War, Kevin McDowell,

    - PR and Online Manager Mark O’Connell and

    - the famous, one and only Craig Laycock (marketing) who was so kind to help us with the organisation of this event. Thank you very much, good sir!

    will pick the winner out of the five submissions that came out first in the poll.

    As soon as these wise men have taken their decision, the winner will be announced and be put in contact with CA.

    All that's left for me now, is to wish you all the best of luck

    You can view the origin thread in it's entirety here.
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