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  • Creative Assembly Opens Survey, Needs Your Help!

    In an effort to find out what the community thinks about on the TW series, Creative Assembly has launched a massive (and i do mean massive) survey based on their game series. The questions cover just about everything you can imagine, from the type of PC you have to the future course you'd want to see CA chart. Be warned the survey is a little on the long side, so make sure you've got some free time before starting.

    As an added bonus (unfortunately, only available to those in US, UK, France and Germany) participants are eligable to win one of three Intel® Core™ i5-750 Processors! Even if you're not in one of those countries, if you've got a half hour to kill head over to the offical thread on the .com and take the survey! You might be glad you did.

    Thanks Swoosh So!
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