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  • Community Happenings (9-2)

    A lot of stuff is going on around the .org, most of which kicked off in the last couple weeks:

    First off, the Concept Art Competition sponsored by CA is still going strong with two weeks left until closure. Thus far a multitude of entries have made their way to the submissions thread, but there's still plenty of time (and room) for more! If you haven't already you can review the announcement for the contest here, and post your submissions here.

    As we continue to anticipate S2's release, a new Multiplayer specific forum has been opened specifically to cater to the interests of MP focused threads. Head over to the Hachiman Fields to check it out.

    Finally, Kagemusha wants your opinions on how to make the .org a better place for multiplayer. He's posted an open call for ideas, suggestion and feedback in the new Shogun 2 Multiplayer forums (mentioned above). If you'd like to see the .Org do more for MP in the future, this is your chance to tell us.
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