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  • Shogun 2: Interviews and Screenshots!

    Creative Assembly continues their media rounds with two new interveiws given out in the last week. Unfortunately, CA is sticking to their guns with their vague nature, so you won't see much in the way of new info. However, there's a number of clues dropped for the observant!

    First up is a video interview taken at PAX, which has only recently surfaced. In it, CA continues to reiterate their stance on AI. Toward the end they tease something in regards to multiplayer, wonder what it is?

    Second is a written Q and A session with Nowgamer. This one is even more vague than the PAX interview, but hidden in the talk - MP campaign is returning? Still too early to tell.

    Lastly, a new member spotted screenshots displayed on a Turkish TW fansite that many have not seen before! Be sure to check them out. My favorite? The one showing fog of war blending into a parchment map, linked below.

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