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    Another week has come and gone here at the .Org, it seems September is just flying by. But before it all ends lets do a double-take to see what you might be missing!

    GeneralHankerchief is recruiting for the largest Mafia game of the year, a massive list of 50 members is going to be supported for War in Heaven. War in Heaven is a Gameroom spin on the classic Paradise Lost. Are you new to Mafia's or never stopped in the Gameroom? What better chance than to get in on what is sure to be a memorable experience! Head over to the official thread to get an idea of what's in store. 30 slots are already claimed, so act now!

    The wishlist for S2TW Multiplayer, collected over several forums, is growing by the day. Magyar Khan and others have been fostering a great discussion on what may improve the TW MP experience and its well worth your time to read.

    The Concept Art Competition has at long last reached its conclusion and the vote is over. The top 5 submissions will be forwarded on to CA for judging, great work to all those who took part! We look forward to more interaction between the .Org and CA on this level in the future.

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