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    by Published on 08-01-2010 12:36  Number of Views: 2510 

    Got a love for all things EB? Beating up the AI just doesn't do it for you anymore? Well you're not alone! (link - announcement)

    In the past few months, EB multiplayer has grown so popular it was decided that it's own dedicated forum was needed. If you haven't already, head over to the Campus Martius (link) for the latest news on tournament info and general match-making. ...
    by Published on 07-06-2010 13:20
    Article Preview

    Complete Byzantine Unit Roster
    Proudly Presents

    Nikephorean Era Thematic unit roster

    You can find more here.
    by Published on 06-28-2010 07:52
    Article Preview

    Today I presented units to the popular mod: EUROPEAN WARS 2 (Empire Total War):

    by Published on 06-15-2010 20:55
    Article Preview


    Today [https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/member...urbanipal]King Louise Assurbanipal[/url] presents preview of his skinpack to Rome Total War.
    Here you can see the first of three units previews of the “KLA’s Gold Pack 2”. This preview is a puzzle – guess what type of units are shown in the
    by Published on 06-09-2010 22:43  Number of Views: 2720 

    The EBII Team presents the 2nd preview of the Romani.

    Today, we are proud to present the mighty Senatvs Popvlvsqve Romanvs. In this second preview for this faction, we will show you the new government system that has been designed for this faction by the Romani team. After that, we will show you some avatars based on our equites romani unit. Thirdly, we will display some in-game screenshots of the previously previewed strategy map settlements. And for the grand finale, we will show you images and descriptions of the fearsome legions of the Camillan period, plus a little video.


    Camillan Principes

    This is the second preview for this powerful faction. Don't miss it!
    by Published on 06-07-2010 15:00  Number of Views: 2260 

    A Bridge Zhou Far - Three Stars Rising

    A 40 player Mafia game
    The Kuomintang ([Chinese] Nationalists) and the Imperial Japanese Army have both separately infiltrated the People’s Extraordinary Detachment which is a black ops unit of the People’s Liberation Army.
    The Communists have been fighting a vicious civil war with the Kuomintang government, but Japanese invasion forced the two sides to unite to face the common enemy. There were still tensions, however, and it is within one of these tensions that this game takes place.
    The Gameroom would like to extend an invitation to join this 40 player Mafia game.

    Hosted by Subotan
    by Published on 05-24-2010 09:29

    La Grande Armée

    a modification for Napoleon: Total War

    Setting: The year is 1805, and in Europe all signs point to war; a war the likes of which the world has never seen. In the next ten years, the peoples of the old world will stand witness to a struggle of titanic dimensions that would forever change the fate of the world. For in the west, a new star has risen to the highest echelons of power: Napoléon, the man who crowned himself Emperor of France, and is anointed by the Pope himself. It is his destiny to lead the French Empire to fame, power and glory. It is by his command that armies are set into motion, larger and stronger than ever before... And it is his will that France should dominate all of Europe.

    Filled with a patriotic fervor that burns fiercely in their hearts, Napoléon's soldiers march into battle against the enemies of France: the Austrians and Russians, who see Bonaparte, as they call him, as an upstart and usurper, a danger to their peace and prosperity - and, above all, the power over their people. The British, who rule the seas, and threaten the Grand Empire's interests in Europe and around the globe. And the Prussians, who have so far stayed neutral, but gaze enviously on France's grandeur and will certainly seize any opportunity to curb French influence. All of them offer shelter and protection to French Émigrés: mostly nobles who have refused to live by the ideals of the French revolution and continue to spread their lies about the legitimacy of Napoléons rule.

    However, enemies of the Emperor are not only to be found on the outside of his realm. His power at home still hinges upon his repeated victories on the battlefield, as he does not yet have the strength to rule absolute. Napoléon must play his cards carefully to retain the favor of the populace: By patronizing science and the arts, decreeing the Code Civil, and again allowing religion to play its traditional role in the life of the small man, he shows himself as a masterful politician. Not merely content to lead France to military glory, Napoléon wants to transform it into the most enlightened state on the face of the planet. He and his ministers are constantly reforming the laws of the land and developing the economy, for the good of France, and, ultimately, the good of man.

    Mod Description: The Napoleonic era profoundly transformed Europe, leaving nothing untouched. As one of history's greatest and most controversial generals, Napoleon forever changed the way wars are fought, a fact reflected in Creative Assembly's latest title, Napoleon Total War. However, this only a small part of the era's complex and fascinating history.

    To support his imperial ambitions, Napoleon created the modern nation state by centralizing power, restructuring society, and reshaping economies, at times for better and at times for worse. These are Napoleon's most enduring legacies, yet they are largely absent from NTW.

    Our mod attempts to rectify these omissions. It allows you to immerse yourself in this colorful period through an enthralling game-play unprecedented in Total War history. We are aiming to provide the best possible experience in all aspects of the game: from the largest scale, like the introduction of new technologies, to the smallest unit details.

    We are also attempting to capture the spirit of the times as closely as possible and to tell people about the history of the period in a way that is as fun as we can make it. We are working closely together with professional historians to bring to you the best possible experience (and rest assured that we are not as Napoleon-enthusiastic as the above teaser suggests).

    What might be most important to you as a gamer is that we are going to add many new features to the game that are unique to our mod and have, not been seen in any Total War game to date. Other features and concepts should be well-known to you if you have played other mods for the series. Which these are exactly will be disclosed in due time, but we are confident that they will introduce a new level of enjoyment to the Total War series.

    The Ministers of War:

    Team Leaders:


    The Team are a group of talented individuals from around the international modding and historical research community.

    If you would like to join us on our quest as a team member, contact us.

    More info coming soon......

    by Published on 05-12-2010 21:25

    Good afternoon,

    The second downloadable content available for Napoleon: Total War will be available via Steam. The Coalition Battle Pack will bring six new units to bolster the ranks of the Coalition armies, whilst adding a new spectacular battle, The Battle of Friedland to the Historical Battle section of Napoleon: Total War. For more information on the Coalition Battle Pack, please ...
    by Published on 05-11-2010 03:22     Number of Views: 2668 

    RTRVII Preview II

    The Balkans - introducing the Getai

    Click here for more!
    by Published on 04-21-2010 08:23  Number of Views: 2352 

    The EBII Team presents the 1st preview of the Pritanoi.

    In this preview we give extensive details about the british faction, with a tremendous amount of informative material which served for the its development in the EBII mod. You can read all about the History, units and our sources.

    In the High Place of the White Horse we live peacefully, and yet are able to strike a blow when needed, as our neighbours know right well. Our way of life is perfect - rich farms cover the green and pleasant land, hardy ponies and sturdy cattle carry us and feed us, and the bones of the earth give us the metals we need to make sharp blades and bright spears - and neither do our swords sleep.

    Esseda (War Chariot)

    This is the first of 2 previews planned for this exciting faction. Don't miss it!

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