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New game- 6 player Russian Roulette.

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I was flipping through a manga called Liar Game (Highly recommended) and saw a game called 24 bullet hole Russian Roulette. Here is the basic of that game
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

-Each player will get 150 chips.
-There will be two players.
-Both player will get 3 bullets where they can put in the gun.
- When all 6 bullets are set, dealer will spin the gun so the players won't know where the bullets are.
- If the player shoots and there was a bullet inside, that player is 'dead' and has to pay the opponent 50 chips.
- You may pass, but you have to pay 1 chip to do so.
- After the second pass, you will have to pay double of the chip to pass.
- When both sides passes 5 times in a row, dealer will take all the chips on field and moves to the next hole.
- Who wins the game will be decided by how many shots they forced the opponent to fire.
- The game will finish when all 6 bullets have been fired.

There was couple of things, they did to get around the system to make the story interesting. But I was wondering if we could make this in to a forum game. And this is what I came up with.

- 5 players
- Each will have 150 chips.
- Each players can set 2 bullets in to the hole of their preference.
- If there is more then 1 bullets set in the same hole, the host tells them to relocate the bullets again. This may be done in the same hole, or in a different one.
- There will be 36 holes and it won't be shuffled.
- At the start of the game, rotation order will be announced.
- Players will have the option of shooting, or passing.
- Soon as the hole has been shot, play moves to the next hole.
- When passing, player has to pay 1 chip which goes to the center of the table. After the 2nd pass, amount of chip required to pay for passing doubles.
- Player who shoots gets all the coin.
- However when they get hit by bullets, they have to pay 10 to all other players. And each player will collect the coins they used to pass.
- If players chips goes below 0, that player will be out of the game
- If all players passes twice (If there is only 2 players, 4 times each) the dealer will take the chip in the center and moves to the next hole
- After all 10 bullets has been shot, person with the most chip in hand will win.

And chips may also be used to trade information.

In order to make this game work, it will require at least 2 hosts along with five extremely active player who can come on every day and can spend a few hours to get the game moving faster.


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  1. Thermal's Avatar
    Was this for the gameroom or independent?
  2. Beefy187's Avatar
    gameroom I suppose.
    But even if I'm doing it, I won't be for a while.
  3. yuey's Avatar
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