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Hilarious IM conversations

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We've all had funny ones right?

So I was talking to a fellow orgah about females, and how we'd both recently screwed up and lost the chance at getting with a girl we wanted, and whilst talking about it, this came out:

pever: screw up in some way with her best friend.
pever: and i just did that
orgah: oh right
orgah: ouch
pever: in all honesty though, it don't matter.
pever: I just pick one character
pever: and level them up, ok?
orgah: yeah
orgah: gotta keep on truckin
orgah: or some other such platitude
orgah: that has nothing to do with RPGs
pever: Could be the panda, could be the bear, it don't matter.
orgah: i'm just confused now
pever: basicry, you pick one character and you level them up ok?
pever: could be the panda, could be the bear, could be some other person, it don't matter. many characters, like 72 characters to pick frum, you pick one and you lebel them. and basicry, this game, isa complicated at first, but in the end, very simple, just the main objective you have to fill up. Issa dota, issa mean defend of de asian roh'k?
pever: so you level up the character and you use the spell and kill the other guys, very fun. holy smoke!

Oh man that was fun. It may have happened a year ago, but still.

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  1. Prince Cobra's Avatar
    You only confuse people, you cruel pever. Tz-tz. That's not good.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Fortunately, "could be a mongoose" option is missing. Phew!
    Updated 11-06-2010 at 23:48 by Prince Cobra
  2. pevergreen's Avatar
  3. TosaInu's Avatar

    Updated 01-11-2011 at 21:29 by TosaInu
  4. pevergreen's Avatar
    I concur completely Tosa.
  5. TosaInu's Avatar
    One of the bars was acting up here. I didn't quite get my fingers under it though. As a quickfix, I just removed it.
  6. TosaInu's Avatar
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  9. TosaInu's Avatar
    Heh, I should use the issue navigator. I'm hi-jacking your blog pevergreen. Are you able to clean up these comments?
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