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Galatea is a text based game based on the myth of Pygmalion, who carved a statue of his ideal woman out of a block of marble, which came to life because of his prayer to Aphrodite.

Galatea is similiar to another text based game which I recommended to Diamondeye called Violet. Like Violet, this game puts you inside a single, dark room, where a statue named Galatea stands atop of a pedestal. As you turn to leave, the statue suddenly speaks to you, saying "They told me you were coming."

While the basic control scheme of Glatea is nearly identical to that of Violet, the game's theme and structure is completely different. While Violet gives you a specific goal for you to strive for, Galatea does nothing of the sort. You, as the player character, is merely dropped into the scene, and the only thing you can do is to converse with Galatea or think about various subjects. And as you do these things, more and more of Galatea's and your past is revealed. There is, of course, an ending to every story, and this game is not an exception. Every action you take, every conversation you attempt, will get you closer and closer to an ending.

However, be warned if you enjoyed the pleasant and humorous nature of Violet. Galatea almost made me cry.

play the game here/

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