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Apart from the work on the MP-guides, which kept easy for now, I try to work on this blog and get some deeper info in.

Right now I played a lot MM, mostly 2v2 with Magyarkhan and Masked. Im interested in the game and the new MM-feature, I dont play MM to get the hardest challenge on earth, i play it to see how its working and also want to see the trends people choose.

Its interesting how quick people figure out things and how the game evolve.

Right now you see mostly this:

1. rush armies with lots of naginatas
2. armies with heavy missles, mostly archer
3. heavy cav
4. artillery and people who sit next to it

That we will see rush-armies I did already say, as the demo was out. I wont explain it once again here, you can search some of my posts and just read it.

Rush is pretty strong and become stronger the higher the funds are. Its also a lot easier to play as rusher.
I doubt many people who succeed a bit with rushing will stay for a long time, they will get bored quick and dont see the real gameplay in this game.

Armies with heavy archer is a common thing these days, I had people in a 10k game with 7 sam archer! I mean, they spend around 5k for the archer. This is also a valid "tactic" to force other to attack them. These people mostly complain about the naginata tush, since their archer wont really kill a lot.
But they do fine vs. balance armies. I usually come up with 3 archer + my bow-gen.
The bow-gen is stronger than a bow-hero and with some hard work, you can manage to outshoot average player with their 7 sam archer.

It took 2 weeks till almost every new player found out about open formation.

Heavy cav you also meet from time to time, with the trend of having naginatas (spears) or generally have many ashis, at least at low funds, the cav will be gone sooner or later. Especially in 10k or more, you see tons of naginatas and any heavy cav army will have a hard time to beat this.
If you look at the unit stats, armor means a lot, which is the reason for naginata samurai.
I see cav droping more and more, at start many was using a lot of yaricav, now people use a lot the great guards and the amount of cavs in general is droping.

Artillery, well I still think there should be some kind of "artillery button", this way artillery would only be allowed, if both teams klick the artillery-button and wants to fight with it. IF one player/team dont klick it, it wont be allowed in this game. Apart from this, artillery is a spoiler, you see many people sitting next to their artillery and wait that you get in range and attack.

I personal play a balanced army mostly. I go with 2 cavs, 3 archer, 2-4 guns, 3 cheap spears and the rest strong spears and swords. My general is a bow-general. In the first 10 days i played with melee general. With more and more people switching to melee general it became quite risky to use your general on some cav skirmishes.
The great guard is also pretty hard and can kill your general.

This is too risky imo. My general has a range of 200, pretty high accuracy and relaod skill. With small unitsize im able to kill around 60-120 with just the bow. Unless I do mistakes, and im doin enough, my general stay full in size and is next to my units.

The 3 cheap spears are food for the incoming melee, to block it and to give my guns a bit more time to shoot into it.

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