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Wood-camping and the defensive play style

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Yesterday I had a 2v2 going with Masked vs another known CLan (no names get called),
sadly I didnt recorded or saved the game, which took 36 mins and did end as one of them dropped from the game, as they lost their last archer sitting in the woods.

Its common right now, as I mentioned already in another tread, to use woods to camp. While Hills give you very low advance, woods give you huge advance! In the first days I had also the feeling that a defensive position is a hill, I was used to it from old days...

Now you better sit in the woods and have the enemy sitting on a hill. There are many maps, where you see hills, its amazing, that many people try to rush the hills and not the woods in front of it.

Hills have only one advance, thats the speed you can run it down, or the slow movement of your enemy trying to run up. You need very big hills to actual see this effect matter much. Slower hills you hardly will notice it.
Now there are problems with hills such as:

1. Your missle units dont have wider range
2. there is no or a very small advance fighting downhill
3. guns have a hard time to shoot with the full unit, because LOS

I did test how far you have to move to see the enemy, who is hiding in the woods. To make you a picture, If you use a general who isnt leadership, other units have to get a bit into your blue circle, to see you. Its not too far away, i think the range is around 50.

There is a retainer, to make you see hidden units earlier, the retainer seems to work, but the range got increased by max 25 range. All in all, you have to get into a range of at least 100 to see hidden units.
This is pretty pointless imo and will cause future problems, with more and more people camping in woods.

The problem is, that you have to get into the range of muskets before you can see it. You get 100% shot, if you want to see someone hiding, nothing you can do about, unless you field a ninja maybe. But the ninja himself is very hard to use...

The big advance of woods are the low casualties by getting shot from enemy missles, especially archer.
In my tests, i got around 60-80% less casualties, as standing in the open. The logic tells you what you have to do.
If i face an enemy and there is a wood in range, which i can use, i mostly move my archer in there or 2 archer and shoot at the enemy. If my opponent is stupid enough to shoot my units (people will become smarter) i can easy hold vs 5-7 other units, they just cant really do anything vs. my units shooting from the woods.

I also want to mention the inspire effect, which should be use on those missles.

Today I want to add one video of people, who are not the best, who try to get into a good position, first they try it with a hill and later i lure them with my bowgen more and more to my spot. In the end they try to rush me 2v1...
Well, the fight is recorded from the replay, which let you miss how i actual order units and where i set them, but its nice too see, how easy you can hold 2 armies...

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