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Seeing as more people are posting blogs I thought I'd post this.

I have created a group called 'The Blog Network' if you have made a blog you will receive an invite to it (either already have or will) If you have any important blog entries you can post them in the group too, if quite a few people post there updates I will put updates into categories so you can find the ones you want quicker and saves searching through all blogs to find the one you want. By posting your blog in the group it also makes it very awesome. As all groups make things cool.

Finally it creates a community of people who have all made blogs, a place to come up with ideas for the system, what they like about and hate about it as well as mention and advertise particularly useful entries.

Whilst bloggers may be members, anyone can view the blogs... < link to The Blog Network group < blog FAQ

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Updated 02-17-2010 at 04:11 by Thermal Mercury

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