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Avatar skill-tree -- Leadership

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Im actual not able to upload pics here at the org, I hope it can be sorted soon, since pics would add a lot to all the text im writing.

My next 3 posts here will be about the avatar skill tree. We can say that there are 3 main-trees and one side tree (physical)

The 4 trees are:

1. Leadership
2. Bow Mastery
3. Physical
4. Melee Combat

The 3 main trees are all good. I see people playing online with all 3 trees.
Most people use melee right now, while many used leadership in the first days. The trend will be bow.

With time we see more and more player reaching lvl 10, which raise the funds to 22k in MM battles.
If you consider this, the leadership tree becomes less good, since the base moral in 22k games is pretty high due to all those expensive high moral units we have to use.

Melee gen stick to the stats he can max gain. With higher funds, Vets get better stats and in relation the gen stats are less worth.

Bowery is the way to go, If you shot, the arrow dont care how much the unit did cost, they hit at 5k and also on 22k. The difference is, that at 22k, the bow gen hit a lot more "cash" with each arrow, since there will be a lot more expensive units around.

The risk, that your gen get beaten with many upgraded vets is a lot higher, than in low fund games.

There are abilities you always want to have, I would like to mention Inspire and also bow. Its both in the first lvl of the trees and you just need 1 point for each.


This tree is all about boosting the whole army and also the units of your allies.
Its less good in 5k games, since you simply play with a few units only and the skills wont pay of as much, as a melee gen or bow gen. Leadership shines at 10k games, since you run around with many low moral units.
With 14k its still useful, while it is almost useless in 22k games. In high fund games, you hardly need another moral boost for all the high moral units you field. If you okay 22k games, you hardly field cheap farmer, you have a hard time to spent all the money and will have units with moral 10 or higher all the way.

Moral 10 and rally, will be more enough to ensure, that your units dont rout and fight till the last men.

Inspire. The inspire, as already mentioned, is a must have. The second point will reduce the CD, nothing else.

Rally. Its okay, not too good, it also effects the CD and you gonna take it to spent the 10 points to reach "stand and fight" and also to get access to "increased aura".

Fatigue Resistance. Pointless. With the current fatigue you dont need it. Units can run quite some time, before they get tired and they refresh very fast. To put points into this ... its not worth.

Scare Enemies. Well, we did tons of moral penalty tests and we couldnt see any effect! Im almost sure, that CA did turn any of these moral effects off or made it having almost no effect. At some point I will publish one video, which show how we tested it and that it does nothing.

Increased aura. Not much more you can choose from, you have to spent points into it. It increase the blue circle for a good amount and its actual good.

Stand and fight. The best ability in leadership. Its a must! During a battle, you can activate it and the general will unmount, build a defensive quarter and cant be moved or used for anything else. The general has a red circle which is bigger than the blue circle. Any unit standing in this red circle gets the boost.

Increased Army Moral. I never took it, the other things are already so good too boost the moral of your units, also remember the rally ability, this point you can spend somewhere else, its not worth imo.

Summary. Leadership is good at games with 5-14k funds, its best at 10k. It pay off most with many low moral units, which you will use mostly at 10k games.

It also makes a difference if you play solo or in teams. In teamgames leadership is more worth, since the huge circle of stand and fight will include other armies as well. In 3v3 games I would always want to have one leadership gen with me.

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