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Avatar skill-tree -- Melee

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Part III


I played a lot as melee general before I switched to bow. Its a very effective and good tree, many people playing with it. The big advance is, that with high defense and high armor, the gen is a lot less fragile. He can take some shots and wont get killed easy from normal bow units (enemy bow gen with armor pierce is dangerous) or melee/cav in general.

The bansai effect is quite good, so is "no penalty" at spears.

The melee general is very effective in games from 5-14k, with 14k the average unit is becoming stronger, while your general keeps at the same maxed out stats. In 22k games you probably face a lot off good veteran units, with many upgrades. At this point the average unit got a big boost and will have a lot better stat than in low fund games.
This said, the melee general cant get better, while the vets gets better.

As usual, you will take at least one point in inspire and I personal would also take one point in the bow tree.

the abilities:

Melee Attack Not much to say about, it raise your melee stats, its the entrance skill, same as the defense stat. You need it to reach the charge skill

Melee Defense Same as attack, you have to take it, its good and you need it for armor.

Charge Its a must, raise the charge stat and its quite good, you need it to get to bansai.

Moral Useless. Sadly, the game got too high moral, your gen will fight till last men with its base moral of 15. There is no need at all to spend a single point into moral.

Bansai Its a must. Bansai is pretty good.

Armor It raise the armor to a total of 12. If you ever shot a naginata with armor of 9, you can imagine how hard it is to kill something with armor of 12. This stat is the big lifesaver vs enemy normal archer! Here comes bow-damage or missle-damage in, the only units which will it make any sense are hero units and your general. Since these units are the only units with higher hitpoints.

No penalties against spears. The "lol" ability. Its extremely good and bugfree. I want to point out, that I dont like this at all, since it takes out a whole counter. Its too good! The only way to kill a melee gen is to get a cav into it.

Increased Bodyguard Size Its good and as the name say already, you get more mens in the general unit.

To use charge, you have to spent at least 1 point into speed. Now at this point you will have points left. If you spent one point into inspire you cant get to the "hitpoint" ability. This will only work, if you spend all remaining points into "physical".

I dont see it paying off. I would always get inspire, its too good, the bow point can be saved. In the end you have 2-3 points left. I personal would spend it into speed.

With 3 points in speed your unit will be about the same speed as normal cavs, with just 1 point your general is slow, this was always a problem for me, since other caves can always escape and you gen cant be used as offensive unit, if your opponent is any good.

Many people want that their costs (1800 for lvl 10 gen) are paying of somehow, as leadership general, your gen wont kill anything. So melee is a good way to play with, since this gen can actual kill something on its own.
If you dont like to play with a bow gen, than melee would be my choice.

What I dont like about the tree is, that you have to move into action and it can be risky. On the other hand, with bansai and inspire on it, the unit freaks out and can easy eat 3 normal yari cav on its own.
With the great guard becoming popular, the risk of enemy cav who can rip your gen raised, always keep in mind, that the vets with 22k games can be extremely strong. I know about Great Guards with bansai and inspire and that can get quite dangerous.
You know how hard it is, to move a cav out of a skirmish once its in.

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  1. Cecil XIX's Avatar
    I've actually had my general rout a few times, once after he had escaped combat with only one or two other bodyguards.
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