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Patch 2.0

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Most people know me as some negative guy, pointing out bugs and problems pretty quick. Today I want congrats CA. The last patch was some huge improvement, well done CA!

Lets have a look into the changes and what is done:


• 14k is now the maximum fund bracket for matchmade battles
• Reduced siege unit accuracy
• Inspire ability bonus to morale reduced to 10 from 12
• Inspire ability bonus to accuracy reduced to 15 from 40
• Inspire ability bonus to reload reduced from 50 to 20
• Inspire ability bonus to melee attack reduced from 7 to 3
• Whistling Arrow penalties to units reduced
• All siege maps: Defender has 60% of funds instead of 50%
• 4 new multiplayer maps

14k max is what many asked for, very good!
Siege accuracy. the changes are good, lets see, if its enough in combination with higher costs.
All the inspire changes are good! This was needed.
Whistling, as inspire got lowered, the penalty of whistling had to get lowered as well, good changes.
Defender having more funds is very good! The towers are fixed too? I didnt checked that yet
4 new maps! nothing more to say.


• Removed passive encourage friendly morale bonus from generals units
• Increased flanking morale penalties
• Changed casualty morale penalties to be smaller at low casualty levels and higher at large casualty levels
• Increased detonation radius on fire rockets
• Rapid volley reload rate bonus reduced from 70 to 30
Passive friendly moral bonus of the general circle!!!!! Yes, yes and yes! That was highly needed!
Increased flanking moral penalty!!! Holy Moly! Im freaking out on this, YES YES YES YES!
This was one of my most wanted points. Actual there is some moral back into the game. Extreme good changes.
Fire rocket changes are good too.
Rapid volley nerfed, good!

The guns are still effective and if you look at the reload/accuracy stats, its still quite good. I personal wouldnt lower it more. If you look at it, you can use rapid and inspire (which stack) to get 50 reload from abilities, so you still end with around 100 reload, which is good enough to stop some melee rush.

The moral feel real good now, If you flank or rear a unit, it actual really means something. Movement is back and thats one of the most important things in TW. Watch your flank and your rear, to play like before will make your army rout.

Bow cav is actual worth to take, depending on the map you play at, there are maps which dont really allow bow cav.
The other cav changes are not too heavy, its more some adjustment, Yari cav a bit more expensive, the katana a little cheaper. The Katana cav didnt really change, it was quite good before vs swords and is still quite good.

I tested a Katana cav with 4 upgrades vs a lvl 0 yari cav. The Katana lose badly. If you get the katana into a sword unit, it will destroy the sword. I personal field mostly 1 katana cav, its risky to use and you cant use too many.

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  1. Squiggles's Avatar
    Yari cav. now cost way to much!
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