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Medieval 2 Total War Fans Read Here!

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I like medieval 2 but after a while, found myself bored with it which lead to searching for good mods, there are the typical stainless steel and broken crescent choices (those 2 are great mods by the way, especially broken crescent). However I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how good the Custom Campaign 2 Mod was, it has been out for a little while now and many may be aware of its existence, but if you have medieval 2 total war & kingdoms and don't have the custom campaign mod 2, I strongly recommend installing it.

Here are some of the maps it has (what you see is a little different to what you get, I've been busy modding it )

Tyronia < I added some factions but nothing else is changed, great map to play on

Britain < I added the saxons and normans for flavour otherwise its just scotland and england and rebels, perfect for hotseats

Iberia < I got rid of some rebel provinces but didn't change it too much, great map with unique regions and is begging for the faction Aragon (I'll need to introduce it..... ) This mod also adds units from kingdoms (so make sure you have kingdoms installed!) Which gives most factions more unit diversity i.e sami axemen for denmark, ahdath for turks, spanish dragoons for spain etc. It also lets previously unallowed units to be recruited such as mounted longbowmen and french mounted and dismounted archers.

There is also the normal campaign map modified to make aztecs, mongols & timurids playable, plus the papal states.

I drastically changed the grand campaign actually, I'll probably get bored of it but right now I'm loving the changes, and of course all changes below are historically accurate.

There are other campaigns of Europe too but I don't need to post screens of all of them, simply a great mod, I'm posting this because out of all the mods I've played, I've enjoyed the variety from this the most. And as you can see you can have fun in playing these campaigns but also putting your own mark on each.

Download Link and mod information, if interested. >

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Medieval 2 Total War


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