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My bit for beefys game.

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I'd realy like an opinion on this piece. I'd say its pretty good but I'm kinda biased.
Its from beefy's game happening in beefdom found here

Lord James Greyford - Ruler of the Iron Peak.
"Gold or Iron, it all shines."
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A mine in the middle of a frozen wasteland is not exactly the stuff empires are made from, nor is a family of merchants, poor in coin and poor in prospects, the sort to become powerful. Yet 70 years ago a man named Jonathan Greyford, desperate for escape from the fate of destitution and squalor in the slums of beefdom's numerous cities, made one last roll of the dice and sank the rest of his family’s dwindling coffer into one last venture that would either save or end the Greyford name.

With all the money he could muster John hired enough supplies and workers to start a small mine. In fear of competition ruining what little chances John had, he set off to the furthest mountain he knew of, God's Table, a plateau in the Northern ranges. The Northern Ranges were a veritable death-trap, the centre being utterly impassable to anything but the most able climber and any resources contained underneath them considered not worth the risk by beefdoms several mining companies due to it being situated in the middle of wildling infested tundra. With little choice and Winter not long away he ventured past the wall and into the wilderness hoping to get to his destination before the cold became too much to live through.

No-one knows what happened on their trek as the family guards any details but three years later the group returned to the wall with a long caravan of wagons, brimming with gold, gems and iron ore, enough to buy a small kingdom and armour an army. The men of the Nightwatch still tell tales of a roughened man at the head of the group, bearing grey hair and a golden smile.

It’s been 70 years since and the Greyfords have come to travel to the northern mountains and back every summer and with their findings the family has prospered, buying lands, companies and even titles all to maintain their status during the winter years, now standing among the high lords.

To this day they still receive grief for their lowborn beginnings from the other lords kings and emperors but they have found that money speaks louder than privilege. Due to their wealth the Greyford family have no standing armies, all thier wars are fought with mercenaries from the companies owned by the family or smaller lordlings looking to curry favour.

Iron Peak.
The Grey City.
Steel bay.

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